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Smooth Tequila For Rugged Country

Founded in Austin
– Crafted in Jalisco

La Caza Tequila offers smooth, authentic ultra-premium tequilas that are made with an unmatched passion for the art of tequila making. Born in Austin, the decade-long journey that led to La Caza Tequila has been rugged and bootstrapped with the dream of creating a refined tequila that is respectful to the spirit and its original. The tequilas – Blanco, Reposado, and Añejo – begin with exceptional, all-natural Blue Weber Agave grown by fifth generation farmers and are handpicked in the Highlands region of Jalisco. Distilled by the Vivanco Family with their timeless, renowned craftsmanship, the tequilas are then cooked and fermented for nearly one hundred hours to the sound of classical music, and poured into hand-blown glass bottles, becoming the welcoming spirit that is La Caza Tequila. La Caza, which means “The Hunt” in Spanish, represents the adventurous spirit of its founders and inspires consumers to embark on their own journeys, whatever they may be.

Our Tequilas

La Caza Tequila offers ultra-premium tequilas that are dreamed, formulated, and distilled with an unmatched passion for the art of tequila-making. Our tequilas start from exceptional Blue Weber Agave grown by 5th generation farmers and hand-picked in the Highland region of Jalisco. Cooked and fermented for over 90+ hours to the sound of Mozart’s classical music, the sights, sounds, and smells co-mingle into what is to be La Caza Tequila.

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The Blanco is smooth with a hint of sweetness and the floral notes of this robust tequila captivate and command attention.


Aged by four months, the Reposado is balanced and elegant while delivering a humble barrel-age temperament with full-bodied, hazelnut flavors.


Aged by 16 months, our Añejo is sophisticated, featuring enchanting rich vanilla and caramel aromas and introduces subtle citrus and floral tones, culminating in a long-lasting finish.

Born In Austin – Crafted In Jalisco

Born In Austin – Crafted In Jalisco

Born In Austin – Crafted In Jalisco

Born In Austin – Crafted In Jalisco

Born In Austin – Crafted In Jalisco

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The Pursuit of Perfection

The rugged, bootstrapped journey for La Caza Tequila began a decade ago with founder Drake Screws and his curiosity to find the “perfect tequila.” Working in alcohol distribution while still in college, Drake began to immerse himself in the education, culture, and the art of tequila making. He traveled to over sixty distilleries in Jalisco and fell in love with the process of producing tequila, from harvesting the agave plant to bottling the final product. His unparallel passion and meticulous vision led him to the smooth spirit that was born in Austin and crafted in Jalisco alongside the renowned Vivanco Family: La Caza Tequila.

5th-Generation Artisans

In the heart of Arandas, Jalisco, La Caza Tequila was born through the careful and detail-oriented eye of the renowned Vivanco Family. They have put their passion and generational knowledge behind the brand to make sure that it is of the highest quality and standards that will continue their families respect for the next generations to come.

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